Writing to self # 3 In detail write about racism.

Racism, hmmm where can I start. Racism does exist in today’s society, many of us have witness it and had it happen to us. Many of us do not have the education about racism, a lot of people think it is just the “norms”. Back when I was working in schools being a teacher assistant I would get remarks like ” you would pass for a white person” it made me feel like I was important. I have no clue why this made me feel more privileged, and I didnt really think about it until this class. I have a few personal stories regrading racism, but I dont think I can really share them. My blog is more like a rant on racism then a story. So I hope you enjoy.

Have you ever heard of White privilege, I have and its so not far for many Indigenous people. A friend of mine done some pretty F up stuff, which I think he should of been charged. But due to him being white, blue eyes, blond hair no charges been laid. When the story was told to me I thought ” how can you not be charged” If it was me or another Indigenous person, I guarantee charges would of happen against us. I would not share this personal story but I know it happens, didn’t think it did, but it does.

Racism, we are not born with it, it is taught to us. Only laundry should be separated by color. We all make those judgment calls way to quick, I am guilty I have done those judgment calls. What can we do about this? is the big question. I guess all we can do is educated others about racism.

Racism happens so often that it happened to me a couple of days ago, and all I can say is “if you have blue eyes, blond hair and white skin you will be treated with respect from may others including the authority’s”. As for those who have brown skin, brown eyes and black hair, you are looked at with fear, an addict, and maybe even looked at carefully like you are going to do something wrong.

I don’t really want to share these stories that happened to me, but if you are a close friend I would tell you. And when I see racism I address it right away I wont ignore it, I would tell the person that is doing the racism to “stop” I would also educate as much as i can about racism.

In today’s world racism is all over the place, from huge company’s, the Law, government offices and even in the schools. It happens so much that we think its normal, and there’s nothing we can do about it because even the law wont protect us when we encounter racism. Many Aboriginal women go missing, due to how they are looked at in society, and that they deserve to be raped, murdered or kidnapped. It bugs me so much, it hurts my feelings because,  I am myself is an Aboriginal women. I feel like I am a waking person waiting to be stolen, murdered or raped, but being educated about racism I am safe only to some points. I say this because not much attention is giving when one of us girls file complaints. Its sad to know this, but all I can say is please please Educate about racism to your children and schools dont be afraid to make your voice heard about racism.


4 thoughts on “Writing to self # 3 In detail write about racism.

  1. I agree with you when you say that you have encountered racism many times and that you don’t feel comfortable telling everyone. I have also encountered racism many times and I have learned to block the memories. Its just something that I always felt would be better to ignore, because if you react to it then somehow you are giving them power by reacting to their racist remarks or actions.

    Question: now that we have learned more about prejudice and racism, do you feel like you can deal with the topic and talk about it more? Do you feel that it is something you can educate others about?


    1. When you said you were proud to hear that you could pass for a white person but you didn’t know why, it made me think that it probably had to do with whites being more privileged and having to deal with less racism. I know I would like to have more privileges and face less discrimination.


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